March 22, 2014

6:00 AM – “Hey Brother” playing out-loud at the other end of the bedroom and me hurrying to shush it, even though I know I have to get up. Big day today (as every other).

TOEFL test coming up ahead. I had been polishing my English class’ memories from vacation dust for the last two weeks and so. Well, I took it easy in that matter, I never really thought of me doing bad in the exam judging by my understanding and current practice of the language. I admit to have lol a few times while seeing all these “intensive courses for advanced level students”, but its just me being ignorant and silly.

7:00 AM Breakfast: excessive and obsessive (damn you high-fiber whole-wheat bran-cereals).

7:30 AM – 8:00 AM Ride: no-english, no-internet, no-gps taxi cab that did not know where to go. Plus nerves.

Place: Chestnut Hill and Newton are truly beautiful scenarios! The New England style is predominant in architectonical structures, and the forests that surround the areas create a silent and reflective environment that I had not seen before, but fantasised about. I felt adventurous and curious while watching through the windows of the cab as we drove through. I would have loved to walk down the passages with the before-raining warm breeze that was blowing at the moment.

9:00 AM Test: First one to finish! That is something new. Reading comprehension and listening sections were easy; writing too, but I found myself rushing; and speaking… not as much as a disaster, but quite incoherent and embarrassing.

1:00 PM Lunch: I ate organic tofu with cherry tomatoes and assorted greens for lunch. It was according to my “semi-vegetarian diet” I am currently exploring, until my stomach asked for half-a-breast of chicken and I turned in.

3:00 – 4:00 PM Stuck in the T: Government Center T Station’s closure is not a good idea. I cannot believe the principal station that connects almost every line is closing its doors for two complete years! The fairytale-like squeaking of the rails can be a plausible reason to renew the station, but I cannot imagine what will they do in two full years of repairs. I hope that when I come back (I hope I come back), I will have the luck to see the work done.

Meanwhile, for those of us who still need to get there, we have to explore the unknown parameters of the colored lines. Orange line is cold and ratty, not to mention a bit crazy. 

4:00 PM Aquarium: At last! Where I had been longing to go since we arrived in Boston two months ago (added to the oh-so-many other places). 

Hahaha, my mom’s face when she noticed the entrance was twenty-five dollars each. We definitely do not have money to eat, but we have to buy tickets for the aquarium!

Precious water-living beings. Bright colors and patterns diving their way through the salty water and the curious eyes. I felt blue, recalling my “safari” experience at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Such beauty coldly imprisoned in naked, but immovable frameworks. At least we got to drive away some irrespecutful spectators that tapped and flashed what was already wrong.

With camera on hand, as always, I scooped a space for myself and my three eyes in the front seats of every aquarium glass wall. I tried my new 2x magnifying camera filter and it was awesome for detailed close-up shots of my fellow fishies. 

My favorites: Seadragon hypocampus, mega turtle and yellow eel (I do not know their names), jellyfish.

6:00 PM The breeze was exquisite when we got off (were obligated to go) out of the aquarium! The air slapped my face and messed my hair in a fun way.

Faneuill Hall: Eye-shaped sterling silver earrings! We definetly do not have money to eat, but we obviously have money to buy cute earrings!

*Random crazy guy trying to convince me to go with him and who most probably wanted to steal my camera, yup.

8:00 PM Deserved dinner.

Wanted to call a friend through Skype but apparently she was not home. Instead scrolled through tumblr and watched inspirational videos.

00:50 AM I should be sleeping by now hahaha.


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